Funding Overview

The page actual calls provides information about various actual funding opportunities (project funding, prizes, scholarships, etc.)

In addition, we offer you below an overview of the most important programs, summarized under the relevant main focus:

Prae doc

PraeDoc lists the different types of grants available for doctoral students (grants by the University of Vienna and by other grant-awarding agencies). Additionally, you will find a list of funding opportunities for short research periods abroad and publication subsidies.


The subpage PostDoc will provide you with a summary of the most interesting grants available for research projects, financed by national or international programmes. Furthermore, you will find information on the various funding programmes as well as contact information of our staff, who can advise you in the individual agendas.

Senior Scientist

The section for Senior ­Scientists is intended for those researchers who are interested in highly-funded programmes and who can demonstrate research experience (management of research projects, international publications in relevant journals). Here you will find information about the individual funding programmes and funding agencies, contact information for our employees, and also the more important funding programmes, grouped by focus areas.

Project Management

The Office of Research Services and Career Development Office offers project management support for the University of Vienna's EU-funded projects that require management assistance.

Externally funded projects

The Externally funded projects (Drittmittelservices) section (i. e., services related to third party funding) provides a summary of the most important information that you will need in the various phases of project submission and contract negotiations. On this page you will find information about all the necessary administrative steps (starting from the submission of a new project, budget accounting support and services that are available to you throughout the duration of your project) and also contact information for the staff responsible within the central administration for the processing of all matters concerning externally funded projects. The "Externally funded projects" section is available only to employees of the University of Vienna.