Research Services

The Research Services Department supports researchers at the university with acquiring and managing external funding. Our experienced national and international teams offer expert advice on funding schemes, support in filing applications and in project planning, particularly with regard to budgeting.

Are you looking for funding opportunities for a prospective research project? Here we provide a concise overview of various national and international funding opportunities.

Have an idea for a project and don’t know where to start? Thinking about submitting a proposal but aren’t sure whether the funder is the right one? Or maybe you’ve already started writing and need advice – contact us for an individual consultation.

Our post-award team offers financial project management support for EU- and internationally-funded projects at the University of Vienna. The team offers different levels of service, which can be negotiated according to your individual needs (subject to a fee).

Here you’ll find the university’s basic data, the university’s overhead policy, FAQs (Horizon Europe, MSCA, Erasmus+, etc.), budget tools, and other useful documents (login required).

Everything you need to know about acquiring, starting, and managing third-party funding at the University of Vienna. This (internal) information covers the full project lifecycle. (login required).

Our events and training include information on national and international funding opportunities, in-depth background on particular funders, and training on proposal writing.

In addition to supporting researchers with acquiring and managing external funding, we also write project applications for the university and run our own externally funded projects! Take a look at what we’re currently up to here.

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