Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Third-party Funded Research

Our service remains accessible: Due to the current situation concerning COVID-19 we ask for your understanding that personal consultations in the premises of the DLE can only take place by appointment. Nonetheless our team will be happy to assist you via e-mail and telephone.

Our overview of current calls and awards is constantly updated and includes special calls to Covid-19.

Research Services

Welcome to the Website of the Research Services. We offer information on various funding programmes (national and international) for your research projects. Our team also offers advice and support in filing an application and in project planning, particularly with regard to budgeting.

 Workshops und Vorträge für PostDocs

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FWF-Informationsveranstaltung zum PEEK-Programm als Webinar
8 9
FWF-Informationsveranstaltung zum PEEK-Programm als Webinar
10 11
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FWF-Informationsveranstaltung zum ESPRIT-Programm als Webinar
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Antragstellung: virtuelles Training (FFG-Akademie)
FWF-Informationsveranstaltung zu den Karriereprogrammen mit Schwerpunkt Frauenförderung als Webinar
23 24 25
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FWF-Informationsveranstaltung zum Erwin-Schrödinger-Programm als Webinar
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