Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies


  • Department of African Studies
    • Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Birgit Englert, Privatdozentin

      Research Focus:
      African Studies, especially: land rights issues, popular culture practices, qualitative research methods, Mobility Studies (currently foci on mobilities in the context of solidarity practices, on contemporary travel narratives on Africa, on Rastafari in Africa (in the context of a FWF project).
      Regional foci: Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, diasporic contexts, Africa in the world.

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    • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kirsten Rüther  

      Research Focus:
      African Studies, in particular with regard to historical studies, urban studies and housing, studies of/on religion, colonialism, biography, mobility studies, archives and photography.

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    • Ass. -Prof. habil. Rémi Armand Tchokothe   

      Research Focus:
      Comparative African Languages and Literatures from Africa and the Diaspora;
      Indian Ocean Literatures;
      Creole Literatures from Africa;
      African Literatures and Political Geography;
      Cultures and Popular Postcolonialisms;
      Intercultural Translation;
      Critical African(a) Studies;
      Archiving Oral Literatures and Copyrights;
      Sociolinguistics in Africa and African Youth Languages in the Diaspora   

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  • Department of European and Comparative Literature and Language Studies
    • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Benjamin Roth, B.Sc. M.Sc.

      Research Focus:

      • Deep learning & statistical natural language processing
      • Text analysis for the Digital Humanities
      • Weakly supervised information extraction
      • Knowledge graphs, knowledge-base population from text

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  • Department for German Studies
    • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Burkhardt  Wolf

      Research Focus:
      Discourse history of violence, economy, and governmentality;
      poetics of affect;
      cultural and media history of seafaring;
      bureaucracy and archive in literature;
      media aesthetics of film.

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  • Department of Musicology
    • Anja-Xiaoxing Cui, Ph.D.

      Research Focus
      My research focuses on music perception and music cognition, more recently with a focus on song perception and song cognition. I analyse behavioural and questionnaire as well as neuroimaging data as part of my research. I collaborate with musicologists, psychologists, and neuroscientists.

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  • Department of Near Eastern Studies