Support for political reforms

The actions of Key Action 3 are implemented directly by the EU Commission or advertised by the Executive Agency (EACEA). These are specific calls for proposals published outside the general calls for proposals and are broken down into the following fields:

  • Initiatives for innovations in politics:
    • sustainable cooperation projects for policy development
    • test of European political strategies
  • Collaborations with civil society

Within Key Action 3, a number of actions are also awarded through calls for tender or restricted calls. These are for instance studies and expertises, collaborations with international organisations or structured discussions. Overall, around € 600 million is available in this Key Action over the course of the programme.

These projects are intended to develop measures to:

  1. Prevent violent radicalisation and promote democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship
  2. Foster the inclusion of disadvantaged learners, including persons with a migrant background, while preventing and combating discriminatory practices