The field of sport constitutes a small part of Erasmus+ (total funding volume approximately € 250 million) and is aimed at various actors involved in the field of sports – including educational institutions. The field is divided into two activities:

  • collaborative partnerships
  • not-for-profit sports events

Although certain parts of the University of Vienna could also participate in the second activity, it is the collaborative partnerships that are most likely to provide opportunities for project funding. Through these partnerships, funding is to be provided to European networks that cover a broad international range of organisations (at least five from at least five Programme Countries) from the field of sport or organisations linked with sport (associations of athletes, federations, clubs, public agencies, educational institutions,…). The following objectives are to be achieved:

  • the promotion of increasing knowledge about health promoting aspects of physical activity
  • the promotion of the possibilities of sport in promoting social inclusion and integration
  • the promotion of innovative pedagogical concepts to combat violence, racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport
  • the promotion of dual careers for athletes
  • combating doping, manipulation and match fixing
  • the promotion of voluntary activities in the field of sport

In the field of sport, there are two calls for proposals each year. One for activities in connection with the European Week of Sport and one for other activities. Further information can be found in the Programme Guide.