Cooperation projects

Cooperation projects bring together all Key Action 2 actions (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices). After the individual mobility (Key Action 1), these actions constitute the second main cornerstone of the Erasmus+ programme. It is above all through projects in this sector that the programme’ superordinate strategic objectives are to be achieved.

This element of the programme comprises:

  • Strategic Partnerships (all educational institutions)
  • Knowledge Alliances (higher education institutions)
  • Sector Skills Alliances (vocational training institutions, higher education institutions
  • Capacity Building in the higher education sector (higher education institutions)
  • Capacity Building in the youth sector (youth organisations, higher education institutions)

For the University of Vienna, cooperation projects provide wide-ranging opportunities for third-party funding. This applies above all to the activities in the tertiary sector, which encourage networking with other universities, and with business enterprises. In this way, these projects can make a contribution to the University of Vienna’s internationalisation strategy and development plan, and to the modernisation of teaching methods and curricula, while also initiating and consolidating partnerships with business.

Cooperation projects, however, also provide opportunities to participate in cross-sector projects. In this way, the knowledge existing at the University of Vienna can be made available for improvements in other educational sectors.


Strategic Partnerships
Knowledge Alliances
Capacity Building